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Can’t see Gravity Forms confirmation message

The issue: You have a Gravity Form on your page, and it is located below the fold of the page. Once the form is submitted, the confirmation message is not visible, since the page is refreshed. The confirmation message exists, but it is hidden further down the page....

Online Reviews | DO NOT DO THIS!

Online Reviews | DO NOT DO THIS!

Online reviews impact your business. So much so that some businesses have taken to writing their own online reviews. And guess what happens when you get caught doing that by the FTC?

Divi | Blur Background Parallax Image

Want to blur your background parallax image using CSS? Give the section with the background parallax image a class of blur Add this code to your CSS file or Theme Options CSS section: .blur .et_parallax_bg { -webkit-filter: blur(15px); -moz-filter: blur(15px);...