Divi | Add line between submenu links

Here's a quick bit of CSS to add a line separator between links in the submenu: #top-menu li li a{border-bottom:3px solid #40593e;} Change / add properties to this element. For example, if you wanted a white line a the separator and wanted to change the font-size to...

Divi | Blur Background Parallax Image

Want to blur your background parallax image using CSS? Give the section with the background parallax image a class of blur Add this code to your CSS file or Theme Options CSS section: .blur .et_parallax_bg { -webkit-filter: blur(15px); -moz-filter: blur(15px);...

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Divi: Add Projects to Search Results

Did you know that by default, the WordPress search function does not include the Divi Projects content within your results? In fact, all custom post types are excluded by default -- nothing personal against Divi. Now I have a client website, Overhead Door Company of...

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Yikes! Spam in Google Analytics…

When you hear the word "spam", you are probably thinking .... email, right?And for those of you with a website, you might also be aware of a couple other forms of spam:comment spamform spamBut I have just discovered a new kind of spam today that caught me off guard......

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Divi Theme: How to open Toggle with a link

The Setup

I created an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for a client’s website recently using the Divi theme, and I was wanting to make the interaction with the FAQ’s toggled elements more user friendly.

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Logos We’ve Recently Designed for Clients

We've recently designed the following logos for our clients. Blue Wind Farms A non GMO corn and soybean producer located in Camp Douglas, WI. I used a font designed by Yellow Design Studios in Madison, WI (keeping it local).  I selected this font because of its...

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