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Searching for La Crosse WordPress Experts?


What makes us WordPress Experts?

Experience and passion.

  • You get to capitalize on our experience working with WordPress. We’ve been building websites using WordPress since 2007; years ahead of other La Crosse area web design & marketing firms. We were fortunate early on to discover the potential of this software and it has matured into the world’s most popular content management system
  • You get world class service and support right here in La Crosse. We used to sell, service and support our own WordPress themes online at (recently sold the domain name). We design and develop our own themes to meet our high standards. This includes building themes so that they are easy for average folks to use and manage.
  • We also sold WordPress plugins online ( & and are in the process of preparing to launch a brand new breakthrough mobile plugin that we designed and developed from scratch (coming September of 2012)
  • If your needs are more advanced, we have a team of developers that can develop applications that integrate with WordPress.
  • You save money and time with Bernadot Studios. We have invested thousands of dollars into software so we can implement solutions for you at amazingly low costs and with efficient speed. This means, in most cases, that you don’t have to purchase additional software for your site as we have already made the investment.

Why WordPress?

  • It’s free – no cost for the software
  • WordPress can be setup to get you listed within the search engines quickly
  • You can update your own site’s content, including the home page: images, text, PDF files, videos, etc.
  • We offer support with our services that includes a full line of 30+ video tutorials to help you learn how to use WordPress.  You can learn at your own pace and the videos will be accessible through your site’s administration panel. It’s all about convenience.
  • It runs on Linux based web servers. They are more stable (than Windows) and less expensive
  • You will have access to tens of thousands of available plugins to give your site all the tools you need to reach your goals. Including: photo galleries, online forms, image sliders, Social Media integration, mobile-friendly solutions and much, much more.
  • There is a revision history, so if you even screw something up on a page, you can go back in time and restore the page to a previous version
  • Easy to use menu management so your site’s navigation is just how you want it; easy for your visitor’s to navigate

Need help with your site?

Please contact us with your questions.