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Logos We’ve Recently Designed for Clients

We’ve recently designed the following logos for our clients.

Blue Wind Farms


A non GMO corn and soybean producer located in Camp Douglas, WI.

I used a font designed by Yellow Design Studios in Madison, WI (keeping it local).  I selected this font because of its sprout-like qualities which translated well for the non GMO grown products.

The blue winds were designed to also look like the leaves from an ear of corn ( they also had the serendipitous look of rolling fileds of crops).


Heavy Hitch


Manufacturer of sub compact and garden tractor attachments located in Fountain City, WI

The initial objective in this design was to remove the green color from their previous logo to make their brand instantly appealing to owners of all makes of tractors. I was asked  to make a strong, impactful 3D design with a brushed metal finish. The hitch between the words was added as a way to separate the words (improve legibility) andto create an instantly identifiable impression of their brand.


Ready Travel and Logistics, Inc.


Large group travel and logistics planning company located in La Crescent, MN

I was given full control over the design of this logo. The left hand of the design is a nod to the roadtrips (via bus) that Ready Travel & Logistics plans for large group travel (think high school senior trips to New York, band trips to D.C.,  etc). The right side of the graphic emblem recognizes their convention logistics and planning services (a sheet of paper with notes). So 3 vertical dashes and 3 horizontal dashes which aptly translate into the services they provide.