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Our Top 3 Domain Name Research Tools

Searching for a domain name can be a frustrating process. It doesn’t take long to realize that most basic keyword combinations have already been snatched up.  So what do you do now? Time to get creative, and explore some inventive and creative ways to search for available domain names.

Here are my top 3 favorite domain name finding tools

  1. Bust A Name – This is my favorite tool. I have used this one for a couple years and have successfully found domain names using it.  You can add a number of keywords, and enable/disable a variety of parameters, to help you find domain name combinations that are available for purchase. I like this best because I feel it saves me a lot of time and does a nice job creating combinations
  2. Domize – This tool searches availability as you type. Find out alomst in real-time what domains are available.
  3. Domainr – If you need to get creative and are open to exploring TLDs (Top Level Domains) from other countries, check this little bugger out. It is a smart application that will help you find creative spellings and opportunities you probably haven’t thought of. It’s fun to play with, so give it a try.

Hope these help you on your quest. Let us know what you think.