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Bernadot Studios and DigiSage | A winning combination

This project is an example of great teamwork

Live Site: | Green Bay, WI Realtors

Bob and Tim of DigiSage are top-shelf programmers and people, so it is always a pleasure working with them. They put the brains into powering this website, while I gave it a pretty face. You can read more about their involvement on their website.

My design objectives of the site:

  • showcase the homes for sale
  • easy-to-use search features
  • black design, elegant, classy
  • introduce the Starrys’ Realty Team
  • display ads
  • make it easy for people to get in touch

Bernadot Studios provided DigiSage with a home page and subpage design, and then Bob and Tim took it from there.

If you are a developer in need of professional design for your clients, feel free to drop us a line.