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Value Marketing

“The entirety of value marketing is based upon answering one Deceptively simple question…”

Divi Theme Examples
Divi Theme Examples
And that question is…

“If I am your ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than from your competitor?”

Value Proposition Certified by MECLabs


  • Want to convert more website visitors into leads?
  • Want to potentially find new opportunities for you to separate yourself from your competitors?
  • Would you like the homepage of your website designed and written for you to promote and showcase what makes you the best choice for your ideal prospects?

“You cannot get our value marketing system anywhere else, as it is the culmination of my training with MECLabs, 20+ years of website design and working with small business owners, as well and my independent research and study.  Everyone I have worked with using this process has learned something about their business, and has been grateful for the process.”
— Scott Bernadot

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Why choose Us?

Exclusive System

We have developed this system and it is only available from Bernadot Studios.

20+ Years Experience

Get a local marketing expert that has worked with 100s of business since 2000.

We'll do the Work for you

We will take all of your responses from our session and write your homepage’s content for you.

How It Works

We'll connect via online video or phone interview session...

I will distill your responses into a clear and compelling homepage for your website.

You get more targeted leads from your website.

Real Example

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Divi Theme Examples
Divi Theme Examples

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