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Reliable Web Hosting

  • Dependable, high-performance web hosting is critical
  • If your site is not accessible, your website content doesn’t matter and you lose sales
  • Don’t make the same mistakes we have. We’ve used over 10 hosts over the years (since 1997) and through years of trial and error have found the best web hosting company around, bar none.
  • Servers are backed up daily, maintained regularly and monitored for malware & performance issues

Here is an excerpt from a testimonial we received highlighting why we require using our hand-picked hosting provider:

…my website was actually down 30-40% of the day! I had no idea this was happening and without Scott’s help, I never would have known. – Greg Parnow, from

Bernadot Studios literally doubled (2x) Greg’s sales the first month, simply by providing stable and reliable hosting.

Get A Google-Friendly Website

WordPress is the choice of search engine optimization professionals, because it creates traffic by getting your site’s pages ranked well within Google:

  • With our setup & configuration, you can assign all your pages and posts separate titles & descriptions (a must for getting your pages ranked properly in the search engines)
  • URL Rewriting allows for URLs to contain keywords / phrases which can help your rankings
  • Built-in blogging technology helps new blog articles get indexed
  • Self-manage your site’s content. Ideal for writing blog posts that are targeting specific keywords or phrases
  • Organic listings generated with this software are free, and are more likely to be clicked than paid search ads (70% of clicks go to organic listings)
  • If any of this is confusing, no worries. We can explain things step-by-step or provide you with services



We’re certified in search engine optimization by

Blogging = More Traffic

  • Demonstrate “authority” within your industry by blogging
  • Authority is obtained by writing useful and valuable content that is only available from you
  • Share insights into your industry, make announcements and promote special offers
  • Blog posts are extremely effective at getting into Google and search engines. The more articles you have, the more opportunities for people to find your website.

Here is an excerpt from a testimonial we received from Ted Stein of

We have tripled our web traffic since the redesign. I recommend Bernadot Studios to others who are contemplating website redesign or creating a new site.

Social Media Integration

  • Link to your social media sites from header or footer menu
  • Ability to share page and post content with major social networks
  • Sharing on social media drives more traffic to your site when done properly
  • Include social media feeds on your website

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