How To Sell Products & Services Online

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Value Proposition

Your business’ Value Proposition is best defined as the answer to this question:

“If I am your ideal prospect, why should I buy from you rather than from your competitors?”

It communicates the concrete results a customer will get from purchasing and using your products and/or services.

We help you discover what your true value is and communicate it to your ideal prospects to ultimately increase your sales and leads.


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Use client testimonials and associations with groups and organizations to establish trust and authority.

  • Testimonials are powerful and must be used when possible
  • Memberships, Certifications and Accreditations demonstrate commitment & education
  • Case studies, Portfolios , Before & After photos demonstrate results & transformations

I now have clients contacting me through the website for services, which we never had before. – Dr. Erica Stanek, Stanek Dental

Guarantees & Incentives

  • Guarantees are used to reduce risk
  • Incentives are used to create a sense or urgency or motivation
  • When used together, guarantees and incentives will increase conversions on your website


  • You must make a clear and believable case that you are the best choice for your ideal prospect.
  • You can only be the best choice if you have a difference
  • Your difference is what gives your business exclusivity
  • Exclusivity means that people can only get a product / service, or an experience, from you.
  • When you are the only choice for something, people will be compelled to contact you

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