Here is an email I sent to my clients this morning. I hope you find it useful…
Hello Everyone,
I apologize for the impersonal email, but I quickly want to share some thoughts with you on the Coronavirus as it is bound to affect all of our businesses directly or indirectly.
Communicating Proactive Steps
I wanted to recommend that you email your clients, and post something to your website and facebook page about the steps your business is taking to workaround the Coronavirus Outbreak.
Here is an example email I received from Taco Johns over the weekend on how they are dealing with recent events at their restaurants…

View Here

Personally speaking, this email makes me feel better about their restaurant. Even if other businesses are doing the same thing, they are not telling me about it and this puts them at a disadvantage. Communicating your awareness and what you are doing is important, otherwise people may be too afraid or confused to act.
Examples of proactive measures may include:
  • Sanitation measures
  • Limiting number of patrons
  • Screening employees and clients (taking temperatures)
  • Limiting face to face contact
  • Working from home
  • Delivery services (e.g. Walgreens is now offering free shipping for prescriptions)
  • Travel restrictions
  • Changes in how you provide services
Of course every business is different, so your list will be unique to your business.
Posting Updates / Cancellations
Use email, your website and Facebook to communicate any changes that occur in your business so that they know what to expect.
  • Changes in hours
  • Changes in location (e.g. lobby closed, but drive through open)
  • Changes in how meetings are conducted ( or Facetime only)
  • Cancellations of events or gatherings
Also, make it clear where people can go to get answers to their questions (e.g. phone number, email, FAQ page, Facebook, etc).

That being said, I want to let all of you know of a change I have made at Bernadot Studios. All meetings and consultations will be done via phone, email and / or Facetime. In-person meetings will not be available until this all passes. I will email you if any other critical changes arise, as well as post updates to my website’s home page and my Facebook page.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way.

Take care and stay well!  – scott