Capture Email Addresses


Capture email addresses from your customers so you can communicate with them in the future.

Mission Levels:

These are Bernadot Studios’ scores based on our experience working with business owners. These ratings assume no specialized technical or design skills.

  • Difficulty level for completing this mission yourself without website 0% 0%
  • Difficulty level for completing this mission yourself using a website 100% 100%
  • Urgency 25% 25%
  • Cost 0% 0%

Why Important:

Having a customer’s email address allows you to communicate with them after the sale or even after they leave your website.


Doing It Yourself:

I rated this mission at a difficulty level of “0” because you can get started collecting email addresses from your clients simply by asking them. If applicable, you can put out a clipboard with a pen to allow people to sign up to receive future communications from your business.

Implementing online email capturing is more difficult. The process of capturing an email address online looks like this:

  • Establish an account with an email service.

    Tip: I recommend MailChimp, since they offer up to 2000 subscribers for free, so it allows you to get started without any cost.

  • Setup a list within your email service.
  • Create at least one automated welcome email message.
  • Create a Lead Magnet for your business. To keep it simple, this could be a coupon or a downloadable PDF file that provides great value to your prospect. This is offered in exchange for an email address.
  • Design and embed an email capture form on your website (basic code is provided by email service).
  • Deliver the Lead Magnet once an email is submitted.
  • Send follow-up emails to your list.


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