Business Email Accounts


Setup business email services using your domain name.

Mission Levels:

These are Bernadot Studios’ scores based on our experience working with business owners. These ratings assume no specialized technical or design skills.

  • Difficulty level for completing this mission yourself 50% 50%
  • Urgency 70% 70%
  • Cost 20% 20%

Why Important:

It is standard practice to send email messages, on behalf of your business, using a business domain name. Anything less can appear unprofessional and less serious.

Doing It Yourself:

Here are some considerations when setting up your email service.

  • If you plan on getting a website, it’s optimal to setup website hosting and email at the same time using the same provider
  • Think of how you want to access your email messages (do you want them available on all devices or just a single device (e.g. office computer))
  • If you choose to use IMAP email services, you will need a larger amount of storage space than if you use POP3 (I personally use POP3 accounts for my clients)
  • Do you require spam filtering services?

Get help with Bernadot Studios

Want Help?

We understand that you may not have the time or desire to go through this process, so we offer a service to do this for you.

We can setup standalone email services for you or combine services with your website. Standalone email service and support is $250 / per year with 1 GB of storage space.