Integrate a blog into your website and to drive more traffic to your site and showcase your expertise.

Mission Levels:

These are Bernadot Studios’ scores based on our experience working with business owners. These ratings assume no specialized technical or design skills.

  • Difficulty level for completing this mission yourself 50% 50%
  • Urgency 30% 30%
  • Cost 0% 0%

Why Important:

Blogging is a great tool for long-term, FREE organic traffic.

It allows you to demonstrate and share your expertise within your industry, while also increasing your exposure in the search engines.

Blog posts often rank well in search engines, and can generate traffic to your site when shared on social media.


Doing It Yourself:

  • If you setup a blog, make sure it is integrated into your main website, not externally at a separate web address.
  • Write blog posts that showcase your expertise by providing reader insights and educational information. Do not try to sell.
  • Need blog ideas? Write down a list of your customer’s most frequently asked questions, and then write blog posts answering each question in great detail.
  • Write blog articles for keywords that your target market uses to search for your services within Google.
  • Final Tip: Do not write article posts directly in Facebook. Write a blog post on your website and then share the link to your post in Facebook. This will drive traffic to your website and get people out of Facebook so they can focus on your business.

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