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Quick facts:

  • Bernadot Studios is owned and operated by Scott and Meghan Bernadot.
  • We opened our doors in 2003, but have been designing websites since 1997
  • We are Certified in Landing Page Optimization by MECLabs
  • We are Certified in Value Proposition Development by MECLabs
  • We are Certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by ClickMinded
  • We specialize only in WordPress solutions
  • We also own and sell the following WordPress plugins online: FirstPageMobile.com, and WPPopupMagic.com
  • We have an exclusive system of processes, resources, software, and network of people that allow us to deliver top quality solutions at competitive prices
  • Our success over the years has been attributed to creating remarkable solutions and providing our clients with first class support. All phone calls and emails are responded to promptly.

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